1 year on from a bald chick.

Before cancer I looked normal. 
Then I lost my hair and realised my head is a nice shape with no lumps or bumps on it or distinguishing marks..who can say they know that?  😆


In December last year it was so cold and my hair had just begun to grow back.  I had no eyebrows or lashes but make up is a great invention.


Last Christmas eve I was so happy because my hair had really started growing back! Still no lashes as you can see above.


By January I had some kinda hair style and some eyelashes..


By May I had a full on crop of dark hair, brows and eyelashes and aquired some green glasses.  Trendy or what?


In July hair went a bit fucking mental!? 😕

And 3 haircuts later by October my hair looked like this..



And now I have hair extensions so I can’t give you a December hair pic but it’s around 4 inches long all over.

The end

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