It’s my life not yours!

I’ve spent a few weeks thinking about the pressure I feel under from peers, media, family. Everyone has an opinion on my life since I had cancer. I often feel guilty and why should I?

I mentioned the latest exercise buzz on Twitter a few days ago:
in a nutshell media have reported that you must exercise a lot or your cancer will come back and may kill you.

I’m a bit pissed off with the way the media try and insinuate that it’s our own fault if cancer comes back, we didn’t do enough. That screams FALIURE. It must be nice sitting in your journalist chair writing up these articles having no clue what it’s like feeling under such pressure all the time and living in fear of recurrence. I wonder if people even consider this is how these articles can make people feel?

Cancer recovery is also about feeling supported, inner happiness, and regaining confidence in yourself and your own body.

Whilst I advocate moving more and daily exercise for health, I think they need to lay off the pressure and find people with bloody knowledge of having cancer and fatigue to write up these articles. No offence journos.

Secondly there is the can of worms that is called diet. Whilst I eat 60 – 70 percent healthily, sometimes I want a burger or a pizza. Uh oh! Bring out THE JUDGERS!

JUDGERS are people who are ignorant lack empathy and have probably never known what it’s like to fight for their life. They generally do not follow a healthy lifestyle but you get the picture. They may say things like:

“oh should you be eating that?”


“That’s not good for your immune system you should eat a vegan diet.”

You carry on there JUDGERS smoking your cigarettes eating KFC (yum) and preach to me about what I fancy to eat.

Some people think because I had cancer I now need to give up everything I like and never eat or drink anything that gives me satisfaction and enjoyment. Well sorry to break it to you but I’m on this planet to enjoy my life, as well as look after my health too. A nice balance is key.

Many vegans died of cancer. Many fit and healthy athletes died of cancer. It’s a Russian roulette. You survive it or you don’t. Yes there are factors involved we don’t know about yet. But it’s clearly not just simply what we are eating and how many miles we are running every day that determine prognosis.

So I plan to do some more guilt free living and I say UP YOURS JUDGERS! Come walk a mile in my shoes.

Now I think it’s time for a bacon sandwich. (I’ll be good tomorrow)…



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