Gone too soon.

cancer is shit. But it’s exceptionally shit when someone dies of cancer at a young age.
Yet people accept they’re dying with such grace and lightheartedness I am in such awe of their courage.

If it were me I’m sure I’d be angry at the world if I was told I was terminal.

So how does anyone accept death and not be frightened? My heart sinks recalling how horrible it was thinking I might die. Just a possibility is scary enough. But if death is a definite that just doesn’t bare thinking about.

You tend to shut your eyes to children and teenagers dying of cancer. No parent wants to be at their child’s funeral. But sadly this is a reality for many.

You will have read about the amazing Stephen Sutton who sadly passed away from Bowel cancer yesterday after several years of battling the disease aged just 19.

Stephens story touched me and thousands of others. Even though he knew the tragic fate that awaited him he decided to raise money for the Teenage cancer trust using his Just giving page and social media so others had a chance of living.

As it stands today he’s raised nearly 4 million pounds. He wasn’t a celebrity, he didn’t have connections, he was just a selfless young man who cared more about others than himself when it came down to it. His courage bravery and smile warmed the hearts of the nation and money will continue rolling in for a long time because of the inspirational impact he’s made on everyone during his short life.

We should try and learn something from Stephen. Here’s a few things Ive learned which I hope to adhere to.

Life is unfair and sometimes very cruel. But you have to ride the wave, sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re face down drowning but try and find joy in your life however small it seems.

A cliche but you don’t know when your time is up. You think you have forever but you don’t. No one knows how long they have left. Don’t put off things until tomorrow. If you’re unhappy about the way someone’s treating you tell them. If you hate your job leave and do something you enjoy.
If you like/ love someone tell them. Even if they don’t feel the same way they will be flattered. Us British are so weird about expressing our feelings. It’s so silly!

Spend time with people who make you happy and like you for being you. People who berate you and criticise you constantly have no place in your life and will suck the life out of you. Don’t change who you are for anyone.

Lastly be brave and challenge yourself to do things you think you aren’t capable of doing. In my final hours I want to smile at all the crazy things I did in my lifetime. I don’t want to regret anything or wish anything could have been different.

Rest in peace Stephen Sutton. You are at peace now



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