Some updates

Karyn Blackstone

Sorry you have not heard from me in a while!! I have unfortunately been suffering from a nasty migraine which lately has been causing me to vomit🙊, UGH!!! I am so tired of being sick!!!!! Kelly and I are discussing seeing my gynecologist about these because they are happening usually a week before I start my period and getting worse every time😨 Getting concerned it has to do with my hormone levels being out of whack!! My diet the last 3 days has consisted of crackers and toast!!! I wish again for real food!! But I guess I will just keep pushing through!!

Tuesday went to plastic surgeon and all my stitches where taken out😃 But I still have my drain in😔, hoping to get that out next week😁. I was so good my Mom took me to Wendy’s then to Sharon Woods to sit on a park bench for…

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