Who do you think you are?

We all think about how we are perceived by others. Do they like me? What do they really think about me? It’s natural to want to be liked, accepted and highly thought of. The truth is though not everyone is going to like you, and there is nothing you can do about that.

People’s opinions of you are not facts. The most important opinion of you comes from YOU

So I wondered how many of us sit and think Who am I? How do I view myself and do I like myself? British people are quite reserved and seem to struggle when talking about how great they are compared to other nations. Why is that?

Ask someone what they excel at in an interview and most people will feel uncomfortable and even struggle to list things with ease. It’s almost cringeworthy right? There’s a fine line in being confident and proud of your achievements and arrogance sure, but as a personal objective I would really like to say I’m actually great at this and this and not feel embarrassed.

So I thought I would talk about who I think I am and what I think I’m good at here and hopefully inspire you to think about yourself and what you’re good at. It’s not quite the same as saying it aloud but it’s a good start.

I am a great listener and give good solid advice to people who seek it. I don’t necessarily follow my own advice but that’s a different matter šŸ™‚

I‘m empathetic and care about others. I always try to think ahead about how my actions and words make other feel.

I am sensitive to everything around me, perceptive highly intuitive – I notice everything. The way people look at me, people’s body language, the tone of someone’s voice. Overall I feel this is a gift and something special I was born with.

I am charming. Ok, I CAN be charming.

I inspire and give others courage and hope going through cancer by blogging, posting on cancer websites and social network engaging

I am open and honest even if the truth is hard or hurtful I prefer tact over lying to people.

I sing and play the piano and am quite musical in general. Singing is my jogging

I am a great mother and provider. When I had cancer treatment I looked after my children and did the best I could during a tough time. I think they have grown in to well mannered polite and thoughtful girls and some of that must be downto my parenting.

I am great in the kitchen. I love food and taught myself how to cook. I’m passionate about cooking, ingredients and foods from around the world.

I am a good friend. I am supportive and happy for their happiness.

I am strong brave and courageous.

Perhaps whilst reading this you have thought a bit about what you’re good at. We should be proud of our achievements and what we do well, and even tell the world in a blog post šŸ™‚



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