Why is everyone so frightened of rejection?

So I met a guy on the train home on Friday night. He looked at me I looked at him and then he just made conversation. It was a packed train. Anyway (brazen as I clearly am) I went for a drink with him as we were getting off at the same stop.

So we went for this quick drink on my way home and it was pleasant. We are still conversing and he says he wants to take me out again but it got me thinking…

It was that easy!

All the times we make eye contact with an attractive stranger across the room, across the bar, but we never act on it, mostly I imagine through fear of rejection.

Imagine the countless opportunities you’ve missed in your lifetime all because you just weren’t quite sure what the other person was thinking.

Wouldn’t it be so easy if we were all like train guy? I’m certainly not like train guy I’m nervous and scared and have kicked myself way too many times regarding this sort of thing. But just to see someone you like and talk to them, maybe even ask them out every time you felt the urge, would be so amazing. I would love to be so bold even as a woman.

All this “does he like me or doesn’t he?” dancing around the issue is just way too much aggravation and unnecessary when people could put themselves out there and worry a bit less about consequence.

So I probably won’t see this guy again (we can’t match with everyone come on), but it’s made me think a lot about what I’m really scared of when talking to men I like or putting myself in vulnerable positions.

Like most I’m scared of the response “I don’t like you like that.” But everyone gets rejected sometimes, and once you know that you can move on and not get stuck just wondering.

Rejection doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough, just that the other person failed to see all you had to offer”


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