Dear six year old me.

Dear six year old me.

Don’t worry so much. You will spend way too much time getting yourself in a state over how others perceive you. sometimes your ideas will be wrong little miss assuming, and people will often surprise you. People are mostly caught up in their own lives to be thinking about what you’re doing. Keep being you.

Be happy. Don’t cry too many tears. Lots of bad things happened already and more bad things are going to happen. You will need to be strong and will be tested through life to the maximum. It’s ok to cry but don’t let depression rule your life. Don’t let it win. You can handle anything.

Don’t fall in love with anyone who doesn’t treat you right. If he doesn’t make you happy you need to walk away. At the same time don’t push away the decent ones – those who love you. Let your guard down sometimes and take chances with love. Not everyone is going to hurt you.

You will be a beautiful woman. People will tell you that but you won’t want to believe them. You will look in the mirror and find fault with how you look. Don’t put yourself down or self loathe. You are beautiful, on the inside too (where it really matters).

Don’t escape your problems with alcohol. Its never a solution. You will feel worse and everything will be magnified ten fold. Don’t smoke it’s bad for you, nasty habit and don’t sunbathe too much!

Dear six year old me. You’re doing ok girl.



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