I got the FAT cancer

I know this sounds vain but when they said I had cancer at some point it crossed my mind soon after diagnosis that I might lose some weight. It was just something to joke about you know to keep me sane when I was scared of dying.

Ooh I’m going to lose weight and get a new pair of boobs – eat your heart out Barbie.

Anyway me, (the girl who googles everything) recoiled in horror at the search engine results

Breast cancer WEIGHT GAIN

For fuck sake! You couldn’t make it up. I got the Fat cancer! Now I was never skinny. Normal size 12 , under 10 stone, but certainly not big.
I read that they don’t know why we put on weight during chemo, but apparently it slows your metabolism down to literally nothing.

Throw in tamoxifen which I take every day which block oestrogen from your breasts (I think) and not withstanding chemo induced menopause overnight and that adds to a fair few pounds. 25 in fact!
*hoping menopause is just temporary and I will resume functioning as a 34 yr old woman should soon* 😦

25 bloody pounds in 8 months, and it all went on over a few weeks. I now have a bottom to rival Kim Kardashians.
It’s not even like I ate more or I had a baby to show at the end of it nope – just The Fat cancer.

Everyone says well at least you’re alive, go easy on yourself. Yes I know that’s true thank you, but if it’s all the same with you I’d quite like to have my old body back and have a scar/fat free body like you.

So now I’m trying to get the weight off as weight gain is not great for survivors. But I expect it to be slow

What’s your experience of weight gain with breast cancer and have you managed to lose any weight?




  1. Michelle Bowdler

    What a roller coaster it’s been. I have gained 2 stones! Not a happy bunny is an under statement. For a person who has never struggled with her weight it’s been a nightmare. The emotional affect of having cancer is enough but to then have to cope with body image is crippling. Yeah I know I should be lucky to still be here, but you know what only being 42 at the time of diagnoses is a double blow. I just want my old body back or at least lose the weight to help me feel more me!!


  2. Lucy R

    You can say that again, I gained 3 st over my treatment and I have managed to loose 1 1/2 st before I had my DIEP reconstruction two months ago… I have got my boobs back now and all I want to do is start to get my mojo back again to loose weight… Being on Tamoxifen and Zoladex injections now on Arimidex does make it harder but is possible given motivation and need to stay motivated which is my problem and the fact I love to eat!!! Lmao…. Being two years down the line I know it is possible even if I am going to start rads again soon….


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