Little things

Last year during the depths of Chemo One direction announced their stadium tour.
I knew my daughter would want to go and it became something to focus on and aim towards.

Here we are a year on, and I’m still here and I feel great – wonderful in fact. To look at me now you would never know I was even ill. My body is still repairing the damage from treatment but from the outside it’s impossible to see.

Last summer I spent much of it in bed, too ill to go out. When I did go out it was exhausting and one short trip would wipe me out for the entire day. I had no hair or eyebrows and a constant runny nose like a dripping tap. I was no short of a mess, but found the exhaustion the hardest thing to deal with.

I remember thinking to myself – it’s just one summer. What is one summer with this shitty disease compared to the rest of your life? Don’t be too frustrated about it.

So tonight is the night we go to Wembley to see One Direction, and I feel emotional and teary because I’ve achieved something deep down I thought wouldn’t be possible. A tiny part of me thought I might not be here today.

It’s such a little thing perhaps to you reader, but to me a huge deal and a proud moment – a look how far I’ve come moment. I am normal enjoying Summer like other people and cancer is not holding me back anymore.



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