Saturday night fever

So I broke the dry spell and went on a date on Saturday – go me!

A small matter of him asking me not to mention his name in my blog which I won’t of course and it’s highly unlikely he will ever read this (I hope). 😉

So anyway off we went to the pub. He was one of those guys who when very nervous get a bit defensive at times. I know he was nervous A) because I read people well and B) because he told me half way through the night. Ah sweet.

Once it got going I did actually quite enjoy myself and the conversation wasn’t too bad either. Coincidently he told me a family member had just had cancer so I guess I thought it was ok for me to drop the C bomb and just casually dropped it in the convo.

It never ceases to amaze me how different mens reactions are to my illness. You can never call it.

This guys reaction was quite unusual where he was totally fine with it and didn’t ask nosey questions just generic things like are you ok now and are you taking medication.
It was a nice balance between recognising I’ve been through a lot – sympathetic, and so what I don’t care you had cancer – cool dude. Why can’t everyone respond like that?

Although I had a nice time, I’m not sure there was real chemistry and I’ve said previously in my blog that I really need that.

I could see him again and just see how it goes. I do have a habit of writing things off quickly when perhaps a little patience and perseverance wouldn’t go a miss.

But anyway I’m content and happy just doing what I’m doing. Dating isn’t really high up on the agenda right now. I don’t even know if I have time for a man in my life?

Unless Zac Ef wants to get married them I’m totally down for that and available at short notice.



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