Hair loss during Chemo.

Ok it’s really weird seeing yourself without any hair. Here I was just after Christmas. A few weeks after finishing 4 months of chemo.


It was pretty cold. I wore a hat in the house and to bed to keep my head warm.

Here’s me in January with a little bit more hair…

It’s funny I thought I had loads of hair at this point (I really didn’t) 🙂

Here’s me today in June. 7 months after I finished chemo. I have a lot of hair! And it’s wavy and thicker than before


And here’s me again with the lovely Audrey in the background who incidentally rocked short hair – total babe!


For ladies embarking on chemo, it really isn’t long until you have a full head of hair again even if the hair is a bit crazy!


  1. Lucy R

    It is amazing how different your hair grows back.. Before Chemo my hair was thick, corse, dry and in really bad condition… Now I have a lot of hair but it is also thin but in better condition than my hair has ever been so soft and easy to style, only problem doesn’t keep its style long!!!


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