Are you there god? It’s me…

I don’t pray very much. I’m not particularly religious, I go to church occasionally because I love to sing! I tried Buddhism once – I like the spiritual way. Can’t bloody meditate though PAH! As if I could quieten my mind?! Never going to happen.

I must be a hypocrite because I do pray when I really want something. Or when I don’t want something like please god I don’t want to die.
Is this something all non religious people diagnosed with cancer do or was I particularly cheeky?

I don’t actually think there’s anyone up there listening, but in the depths of the night at 3am when I had no one there to console me I will admit that I had a few asks.

I’d never mock religion. I actually think it’s a good thing people have a focus in life and believe in something. It’s when it becomes obsessive it’s not healthy.

I believe in honesty, love and hope. You need all of these in your life but as long as you have hope in your heart the sun will always shine in your life.

Everything seems so bleak and hopeless sometimes, but that little voice in your head that whispers “try again tomorrow.” That’s hope.

Whilst on the subject of hope, I hope for good news for my friend right now going through worrying times just one year after her breast cancer diagnosis – more biopsies and area of concern. Why does it pick on the lovely people?

Here’s hoping for a benign result.



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