Money money money

I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love

It also can’t bring you happiness, or pay for your health and well being.

The world is money mad, we are obsessed with it. But why? It’s rather shallow don’t you think? Social media is full of pictures of people’s houses, or their exotic holidays, Christmas presents, engagement rings, cars. It all basically translates to oh look how much money I’ve got aren’t you jealous? But why are material things so important to people?

Maybe I have the advantage of perspective regarding what really matters, but honestly, my views have always been this way – the things I desire most don’t cost anything. Love, health and happiness.

And now all I want is the guarantee that cancer won’t mess with me again, a cancer free life – but no amount of money can buy that.

I wonder if the late Steve Jobs cared about all his millions of pounds when cancer was killing him at just 56 years old? Maybe that’s wrong of me to assume but life is so precious and no value can be placed on a long and healthy existence.

It would be nice if people cared less about money and cared more about the things that really matter. But although I can’t change the world I can try and make you think about what’s really important in life, because after all

the best things in life are free


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