The best things about having cancer.

Even during the time when you need support most in your life some people refuse to even try to understand. Try and not worry about them, they are ignorant and lack something you probably have and everyone should have – Compassion.

It’s common to lose friends and make new ones. It’s a sad fact that some of your friends won’t know how to deal with you and cancer and may distance themselves. It really fucking hurts when people turn their back on you, but if you never had cancer you’d never have known who your real friends are. True friends are those that stand by you when the going gets tough – your friends.

You will meet awesome people affected by cancer who become your lifelines, and life long friends. Whenever you’re worried about anything your cancer friends will understand you. Lean on each other. Cancer isn’t a time to be proud and do it alone.

Let people carry you across the finish line if you have to. You’re critically ill as much as you won’t want to admit that to yourself.

You may also have a mutual appreciation for anyone you meet who’s had cancer. It might be someone you work with or someone in hospital with a bald head. You don’t need any words, just a smile and a nod but you just silently respect each other immensely. It’s your elite cancer club. You earned your membership.

I look ok with no hair, and short hair, who’d have known? šŸ™‚ My my what lovely big eyes you have. (Having no hair will bring out your eyes).

Many of us with cancer write, blog tweet because it’s cathartic and a way of moving on. But others starting on their journey will read your words and it will probably help them to know that they aren’t alone. They will see you as inspiring and a valuable source during their fight.

Whilst none of us wanted cancer it’s a nice warm feeling knowing you are helping people every day with your experience and wisdom.


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