The tissue of life

Inside us we all have a tissue. The tissue represents life experience. The tissue is thin and fragile so sometimes it rips and we try and patch over the rip as best we can and carry on.

The patched up areas are weakened and so unsurprisingly the tissue often splits open again and those worries and fears all resurface.

We all have these fears, emotional scars or traumatic experiences that we do our best to bury and not think about.

My cancer counsellor asked me to imagine myself and a wall in front of me and picture myself trying to push down the wall.

People tend to put up walls to protect themselves from something or another – perhaps it’s being hurt by someone you care about. But when you have a wall up you miss out on so much opportunity in your life never taking a chance on anything. That’s not living.

But imagine if you could start again. Not let the past dictate how you feel, not be frightened of being hurt and let people in to get to know the real you?

I wonder if this blog makes much sense at all to the reader and I hope it’s not perceived as inane ramblings.

I think what I’m trying to say is it’s ok to have worries and fears but try not let them rule your life.



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