Pack your bags we are going on a guilt trip

I hate feeling guilty.
The cancer therapist says I am not good at allowing myself to feel anything negative. I discredit how I'm feeling. She says it's ok to feel sad or hurt or angry and I shouldn't feel bad or guilty for expressing that. It's a work in progress.

I hate any kind of animosity in my life.
Particularly where it's resolvable but it makes me feel frustrated that I don't have the confidence to make things better, or say the right things.

Maybe before when I was prettier with nice hair, a normal body and not insecure about how I look and how men perceive me. That girl wouldn't be in this position.

I can't fix everything or change how anyone feels about me. It uses far too much negative energy. Sometimes it's just accepting a situation no matter how hopeless it is.

I'm growing in confidence everyday but it's not going to return over night and that's ok.



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