From couch to Paula Radcliffe

Joking about Paula.. I will never pee at the side of the road

I decided even though I’m technically having cancer treatment until August, it is minor in comparison to the early treatment. Rads finished at Christmas so it’s been six months enough time to repair and heal from the savage treatment; enough to start exercising a lot more at least.

My fitness levels are not great since chemo but I’m seeing small improvements. It’s time to push myself a bit and up the anti. My metabolism has crashed and I’m stressed out – actually I’m not outwardly stressed per se but I can’t switch off at all and I think that I need to relax a hell of a lot more.

So I’ve bought some trainers and I’m going to start running. I’m sure running will be the answer to all my problems I’ve just been too lazy to bother with it.

So I will blog my progress and hopefully stick with it considering I almost bankrupted myself to buy these running shoes!.



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