I actually thought I wasn’t going to have a holiday at all this year but little old impulsive me saw some cheap flights to Rome and I had to book them.

I’ve been to a lot of cities but never Rome, and admittedly I love everything about Italy. The history, the culture the way they are so passionate and temperamental I like this in a person, then I remember I have Sicilian heritage and it all makes sense 🙂

And how could one forget; the food of course. Pizza, gelato, pasta, bread and red wine, it’s like carbohydrate bloody heaven!

This trip will mark the end of 14 months of cancer treatment, alone in the big wide world with nothing to protect me anymore is daunting and as much as I complain it’s all gone on rather too long, to some degree I feel like it gives me some piece of mind.

But for now it’s all about La dolce vita – the sweet life, and I want me a slice of that too…



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