Seretonin junkies?

It occurred to me the amount of people I know who are on anti depressants. I’m not knocking that either but I do wonder why are we all depressed?

Perhaps people have always been depressed they just didn’t know what to call it years ago. But I don’t think this is the case I think its more prevalent today because of our lifestyles, more alcohol more drugs. A suffering economy. Job losses, money worries. Also I blame social media and mobile phones. People just don’t talk to each other anymore – not properly.

The worrying thing is that people still don’t understand depression and therefore people are reluctant to talk about it. Comments like “you need to snap out of it” are unhelpful to say the least but people say these things all the time.

Depression is an illness. a deep black hole that you can’t crawl out of. Everything is hopeless. There is a lot of crying and often anger. It’s basically a depletion of serotonin in the brain and some people are just susceptible to it.

Like cancer, support for depressive illness is not as good as it should be. And if 1 in 5 people suffer from a mental illness why is it still such a stigma?

So it seems we are a nation of anti depressant junkies. There’s nothing wrong with being on those it gets people over the hump, but you need an outlet too. Counselling , exercise and most important of all supportive people around you that you can trust.

Nearly 5000 people kill themselves every year and over 40 thousand attempt suicide. The most worrying statistic is 3 quarters of people who commit suicide are not known by or in touch with mental health services. That means they suffered in silence.

Isn’t it time we ended the stigma?

Would you want your friend to be feeling like this….?




  1. inkedgeekgal

    Thank you. You have said what all of us on an anti-depressant don’t say, can’t say. With a world that places a stigma on prescription drug abuse, I feel that many people lump me into that category. My prescription is not for a pain killer. My anti-depressant is not a pain killer. I try and explain it as high heels or lifts. My prescription lifts me up out of the depression just enough for me to function. It doesn’t make me happy or make me giddy or relieve the depression. It just allows me to function in a normal life. A normal capacity. I still cry. I still feel emotion. I feel pain. But I am not debilitated by it. I am not paralyzed by it. And after having been on anti-depressants for 4 years, I wonder why on earth I didn’t do it sooner. The ability to live my life and not have to put on a facade is amazing. Better living for me through chemistry.


    1. Myboobsandme

      There’s no shame on being on anti depressants. If you had the flu you would treat it with medicine just the same.
      I worry that people don’t have support and feel shame in talking about it I think medication and support together is vital.

      I wish you well and like you say living with your head above water is better than drowning x


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