Brain – AWOL since cancer

Chemo brain is very annoying very real and very misunderstood.

It can only be described as amnesia, an inability to think quickly or get the words out which breeds frustration for many.

We’ve had the cancer, suffered emotional and physical trauma and now we are left with cognitive impairment.

I’m a perfectly capable and intelligent woman. I work hard and put a lot of effort in to everything I do. But when it comes to recalling past events, names, even dates and days of the week I can struggle.

I say things to people and they correct me, laugh at me or worst of all snap at me. Ok that’s rare but it has happened.

If I’d had an accident and was visually disabled you would not mock me or be rude and impatient with things i found difficult would you?
So why is cancer and chemo brain not recognised or seen as a real impairment and issue?

Is it that people don’t know about these after effects of cancer – and not just chemo brain – depression, anxiety, panic attacks, loss of identity and self esteem to name but a few or do people choose not to care and shut their eyes to it?

I want to see doctors recognising this as a true cognitive disability.

How many more cancer patients need to come forward with this issue until we are heard?



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