Ok is ok

I realised a couple of things. Feeling so so,  is actually ok and perfectly acceptable.   I’m not particularly excited about anything but that doesn’t matter. I feel calm, chilled out; I imagine this is how it must feel on a large dose of valium.

I understand I  can remove myself from situations that I’m sensitive to or that upset me. I don’t have to try harder  or bend over backwards for anyone. I can just leave it be. Sometimes being selfish is actually ok. I haven’t spent the last 14 months fighting for my  life to put everyone else’s needs before mine.

Yesterday something great happened. I looked at myself in the mirror and fell in love with my wavy hair. I’ve hated my new hair for months but I’m finally embracing it.

Funny to think just 8 months ago I had no hair at all and then all this happened…


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