Treatment is nearly over.

So one month to go and my herceptin treatments will be complete. Unfortunately I had to have this drug for a year because I was in the 20 percent of breast cancers that were her2 positive which basically means my cancer was fueled by a protein.

It’s a very agressive cancer. 10 years ago I would probably be dead were it not for this drug. It’s expensive but it saves lives.

So i had breast cancer which seeped in to my lymph nodes, grade 3 fast spreading fast growing and extra agressive her2 positive. Thanks a fucking bunch! 😁

Anyway I had the chemo I had the rads and I had 17 goes on the herceptin – that’s some ammunition!  And yes I’m glad I’m finishing soon.

I’m so sick of going to the hospital for scans injections appointments and treatment.  I’m sick of being the youngest woman by 20 30 years as I feel somewhat embarrassed. God knows why but it’s a horrible realisation knowing that this cancer happened to me at my age as its so rare. Pardon me for feeling annoyed and sorry for myself briefly.

So the treatment was my comfort blanket I guess and soon I must go it alone. I must rely on luck and hope – those are my drugs now. Because  basically surviving this is down to luck and my life has not been lucky really but maybe this time it will- when I need it the most.

Oh this made me happy today. My beautiful mollie as the fairy godmother in her leavers assembly



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