Nessun dorma

I had an amazing weekend of doing the things I enjoy and I deliberately didn’t make plans as I  haven’t wanted to see anyone socially for a while.

I suppose I do have a real introverted side.

I watched films, mainly foreign ones which I love because you have to focus,and I do have difficulty concentrating. I also did some pottering around the kitchen doing lots of  cooking and of course lots of walking with my dog.

I watched a film called one chance; a film about the opera singer Paul Potts. Paul had no confidence in himself and believed he was unlovable.

In a last ditch attempt Paul finds fame on a TV talent show. During his performance of nessun dorma  he believes in himself for the first time ever.

It reminded me that if I want something badly enough I must keep trying until I succeed in getting it. Sometimes I admit defeat too easily- don’t we all?

People keep asking me what I did before I worked at Macmillan. They either don’t know I had cancer or they don’t know when I had it.

Mostly I don’t mention I was sick because people don’t know what to say and I’d rather avoid the arkwardness.


I’m still riding the content train life is pretty sweet although ignorant people are seemingly everywhere and they fuck me off more than anything!

I notice that it’s always the ones who’ve not known hardship or suffering who make the most noise especially on social media.  I must switch off and not get enraged by people’s stupidity.

Work in progress. .


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