Go hard or go home

I had a date this week which was rather fun actually although I drank a lot of booze on a school night and felt a bit delicate the next day.

We like the same things and have the same interests which I think is always a good basis if anything came of it.

One thing I find difficult is level of contact.  Not having a partner I’m not used to people checking in with me several times a day and whilst nice I sometimes get lazy and don’t reply mostly because I don’t really have an interesting response.

Anyway I will have to learn to communicate better if I ever want to be with someone.

I’ve not told this guy about the cancer. It’s funny how the word cancer always  comes up though somewhere in  any conversation.

I sway between feeling nervous about bringing it up and a man’s reaction and an almost smug feeling that I am able to hide it so  well and keep it secret. 

If it wasn’t for my boobs I would never have to explain to anyone. Sometimes I think it would be easier pretending it never happened and saving a new person the worry.


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