Goodbye Michelle.

I want to dedicate this post to Michelle my lovely school friend who moved here from Australia.
She lived down the road from me when we were kids and we used to play together.

I liked Michelle probably because she was ballsy and I admired that.
We didn’t stay close throughout secondary school but over the last few years I saw her around now and then.

A few years back I heard via social media she had leukemia. I wasn’t as great support as I should have been.  Back then I had no idea how awful fighting cancer was so I just said the usual – “you’re so brave keep fighting..” etc..

I now very much regret being unsupportive and complacent but we do just get caught up in our own busy lives and presume people have enough support. It’s not right but sadly that’s how it often is.
It was only later cancer taught me how to be supportive and sincere.

Michelle fought hard and entered remission. She became passionate about raising money for other leukemia patients and spent the last couple of years fundraising.

A couple of weeks ago I learned through Facebook that  Michelle had died. I didn’t even know she was ill again, it was and still is such a shock. 

You see even though I wasn’t great support to her in the beginning she was to me. When I was diagnosed last year we met up and she talked to me candidly about chemo and my fears.

I remember sitting with her at the table thinking she survived but I’m going to die, but now she’s died and I’m surviving.  There’s an element of guilt there.

Life is unpredictable unfair and cruel. To die at 34 is unfair and cruel. You cannot argue with that.

Goodbye Michelle. Sleep tight x


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