Being brave is not the same as not being afraid.

I saw this amazing quote and it really resonated with me.

“Being brave is not the same as not being afraid.”

There are things I didn’t want to do in life like have the operation to remove my cancer and go to my mother’s funeral.

Both were scary in different ways, the first was the unknown, major surgery is scary anyway but losing an aspect of your femininity and not knowing how you’re going to look makes it all the more frightening.

Attending the funeral of your own parent is like your wedding day in the sense that all eyes are on you and you feel like you need to act like the hostess. Minus the happiness and joy of course with a deep sense of embarrassment and awkwardness. That’s scary in itself but I suppose the scariest thing for me was the fact that I was saying goodbye to her for last time.

But I had to be brave. I had to have the surgery because I had cancer in my breast and lymph nodes, and if I didn’t have the surgery well the inevitable would have happened.

Obviously I had to attend my own  mother’s funeral no explanation needed.

I think the point I’m alluding to is that it’s ok to be scared. There seems to  be this pressure on us to be strong and not show weakness in our lives, which is sending the wrong message to others who aren’t coping or need some gentle support and encouragement.

If you jump from 50 feet in to the sea it doesn’t matter if you just jumped or you screamed for two hours beforehand; you jumped, you were brave and that’s what’s most important.



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