The colours will be beautiful.

I had to look back through my blog  to find out how long it’s been without any bad days thrown in the mix and it’s a solid month and a half which has to be my record since this whole debacle began.

To you reader a month or two  without crying or worrying may be the norm but for me it is a huge victory.

I honestly thought I could never put cancer behind me. But somehow very slowly I’ve healed inside and out and every day without even realising it I’ve been getting closer to today, closer to being over it if you will.

Maybe being so open and allowing myself to truly feel and outwardly express every negative emotion has got me to this point quicker. It all makes sense now this bizarre journey I’ve been on.

I’ve always thought you can only appreciate true happiness and joy when you have felt real sadness and pain.

I’m genuinely happy and my life is fulfilling with a purpose.  What more could anyone ask for?

I hope this will give hope to anyone who is struggling.
Your rainbow will come out too just wait and see and the colours will be vivid and beautiful..


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