I’m alright Jack.

Why can’t people think a little more about how unfortunate it is for others in less favourable circumstances. Just try to imagine what it must be like living with an incurable disease or disability.

I don’t begrudge other cancers getting funding or other life threatening illnesses.
I am special and I am important but so is everybody else. I am an equal.

I cannot understand why people would direct their anger at charities who are trying to help people living with incurable diseases.
This reiterates the fact that many people have no clue what living with cancer is like or the help and support people need.

My feelings are hurt slightly, maybe that’s nuts but not just mine I feel protective over my cancer brothers and sisters it’s not nice. We matter too. We all want to be cured, or in the worst case scenario we want a nurse or a friendly ear on the phone.

I don’t know very much about ALS but I know there is no cure and it’s a terrible disease. They have raised over 40 million dollars to date which is phenomenal and you can read more about it here

All charities need money.  It’s a personal choice who you want to give your money to; but I just want people to remember that we are all special and all equal in this world and those of us with incurable diseases All Matter.



  1. Helen

    Very true. I think because we have been through it we have more empathy for others in difficult situations. I agree, and think that every cause is worth raising money for. Unfortunately we can’t support all so you have to make decisions on which charities to give to. All charities are as important as others. X


  2. Victoria weller

    You are so right in what you say. Some people can only see tunnel vision when they have a problem . Who is anyone to say one charity is more important than any other.
    McMillan is a charity close to my heart but there are many others I support and if I could I would donate to all of those.
    Inconsiderate people make me angry!!!!! 😝


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