Small changes I’ve made post breast cancer.

Pre cancer I would not be in bed on a Saturday night blogging. But a few other things have changed since my cancer diagnosis.

You read so much about what you should do and shouldn’t do its impossible to follow them all.  My advice is to  pick a few things you can do and stick to them.  Ignore other advice or new studies and fads. Just switch off.

Until someone says something cures cancer then you can take what the press say with a pinch of salt.

So here’s my list of things below. It’s a very personal choice but I have done a lot of research and reading and this is what I have stuck with.

Smoking.  I quit a year before I was told I had breast cancer. Who knows if there was a link. Smoking smells and it’s expensive and just horrible really.  If you went to a cancer hospital and saw the things I have you would think twice about smoking.  I’m fatter and probably eat more now but I was a really addicted. I’m 19 months post quit. No body thinks they will get cancer but they do and that’s all I’m going to say.

Deodorant.  I no longer use antiperspirants.  I believe they are toxic and lots of evidence to suggest they could cause cancer. Stopping your sweat is unnatural anyway. I use a Japanese roll on which just masks the smell. I don’t really sweat anyway anymore since treatment/chemopause.

Sleep. I sleep a lot and generally go to bed early.  I had a lot of treatment and it takes a long time for the body to recover. A year or more and sometimes your energy is never the same. Rest is important for me. I’m 34 years old but some days I’m wiped out and I feel 64. It sounds humorous I laugh too, but it’s a tough reality of cancer.

Alcohol. When you’re bald you aren’t up for much socialising so my socialising kind of stopped over night. Post treatment there were nights I got royally f@#$÷ earlier on in the year but I was using alcohol to try and forget. 

These days I go out rarely and try to keep drink to a minimum.  I’m not the best drunk post cancer. I can act like a dick. Alcohol in large quantities is said to be bad for ladies who have breast cancer. I don’t want to give it up entirely but I’ve cut it out dramatically.

I take vitamin D3 and Omega 3 fish oil. Both vitamins are said to be beneficial for women after bc. 

I eat lots and lots of fruit and vegetables.  I cook a lot. I try not eat junk food and eat a lot of poultry and fish. I eat bacon and red meat and dairy regardless of what they say.  Also lots of eggs and yoghurts. I drink coffee because it’s said to boost tamoxifen and well I like coffee!

But above everything else, I try to be happy. I have a feeling that many cancers are caused by sadness and stress. I believe in minimising stress by exercise, laughing a lot and lots of physical closeness with others to name a few..


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