What if there really is no cure?

Browsing on Twitter today I stumbled on an article written by a professor. He states that they should give up trying to cure cancer because there probably is no cure.
Instead, he says, they should spend the money on managing the disease; treating it and prolonging lives.

At first I was annoyed. How dare this man just think giving up is even an option? If he had cancer wouldn’t he want to be cured? But then I thought about it differently.

There are thousands of cancers and cancer is clever and outsmarts people drugs and millions of pounds of research. With numbers set to double, (4 million people will have cancer in the UK in 15 years), should more money be ploughed in to drugs to keep cancer at bay or add 10-20 years on to someone’s life? Maybe the professor is right.

It seems we are no closer to a cure than we were 20 years ago. 
Cancer research state that one day they will beat cancer and that’s quite an assumption.
Not they will cure some cancers they will cure all of them if we are to interpret beat to mean cure of course.

Yes I want to be cured as I’m sure so do the 1,999,999 others living with a cancer diagnosis today, but perhaps realistically its not ever going to happen at least not in my lifetime.

Perhaps we are all just living in an idealistic bubble and clinging on to a miracle. .



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