We got cancer in common.

“A friend who understands your tears is a lot more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile.”

Having cancer makes you bolder that’s for sure and many other positives come with cancer too but perhaps one of the most special things to come out of it is the new friends you make, and believe me you do make a lot.

But what never gets old is the  ability to talk freely to a stranger who’s had cancer (be it face to face or online) and immediately feel like you’ve known them your whole life.

Generally you need to share a few things in  common to become friends with someone and even then not all friendships last especially if like me you tend to be quite fickle.

But having cancer as a mutual thing in common seems to be enough to bond you like super glue to the other. But how does this happen?
Is it because we become almost elitist and only want to befriend people who truly understand us?  Maybe it’s because many people let us down when we needed them and we deliberately seek out more empathetic people and no one does empathy better than someone who’s been through it too.

I wrote this blog today as a reminder to myself how blessed I am to be able to meet people so frequently who show me so much kindness and understanding whether I’ve known them 5 months or 5 minutes.

The cancer patient who went through so much worry and internal grief and pain seemingly become the nurturers, the kind, the patient and the most selfless.
These are the people I’m proud to call my friends and long may I keep meeting them. .




  1. Charlotte

    Could not have said that better myself. Having been waiting for some test results today, the anxiety and fear saturated me, once again. Unless you have been here, no one can imagine, how it feels. Great writing, once again my friend x


  2. Helen

    Amazingly written again. You manage to put everything so well into words. I couldn’t write it better myself. So glad that we’ve got that special bond. xx


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