1 fully functioning woman

I feel like I’ve neglected my blog a bit but I woke up a few mornings ago and had the idea of making a video about me and my friends one year ago when we were diagnosed and then us 1 year on.

Putting it all together was emotional and I’m in awe of them, of all they’ve achieved. 

I’ve called the film Look at me now. I hope it will inspire people that have just been diagnosed.  Anyway I spent ten hours a day over 2 days putting it together and it needs a bit of fine tuning.  I am knackered now though and need a few early nights.

After weeks of moodswings and pain in my stomach and a whole year without a period the doctors thought I was in the menopause 20 years early so no more babies for me.

But yesterday Mother nature surprised me and I am literally in agony. 😦
It’s my fault for joking about not having to buy Tampax anymore in my last blog post! Someone somewhere is laughing at me. My bathroom was literally the sanitary protection aisle of Boots but I threw them all away because I thought I didn’t need them anymore.  AGH!


My friends have said my body is getting back to normal it’s just taken me a bit longer than everyone else but my ovaries are just lazy I think. They’ve been chilling.

“Hey woman you got two kids we don’t need to be working”

Not long to go until I turn 35. I guess if I hadn’t have had cancer I would be dreading getting old but I am embracing it and I think of my friends who didn’t make 35 and I feel lucky.


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