T*ts out for cancer.

So I got myself involved in a debate recently about the Sun newspapers affiliation with charity Coppafeel and “Check ’em Tuesday.”

It’s something I’ve felt strongly about for a long time but when I tried to voice my opinion before about it I’ve been shot down and felt less of a woman for having botched tits.

I don’t consider myself a feminist. I have no problem either with nudity pornography or topless models. I think there is a need for all of them. People like sex and want to watch it. Actors like f****** on camera.  Men like looking at boobs in the paper and  some women like people looking at them.

My issue is with a paper who promotes breast cancer awareness by using hot women with great boobs sexualising a cancer where women lose their hair and breasts and sometimes die. What’s sexy about that? Zero.

The emphasis is put on saving the breasts or “save the tatas”which I saw recently which made me feel sick.
This sends the wrong message to everybody.  Firstly if you find a lump and it’s cancer there will most likely be some visible damage to your breast because surgery is normally needed. Secondly it’s a big up yours to everyone in camp breast cancer to put so much emphasis on boobs over life. Are we not beautiful or a real woman because we couldn’t save our breasts?

Nobody wants to frighten people with how horrible breast cancer really is.
Washing everything over with pink paint and inflatable giant boobs bouncing around everywhere  is making the whole thing fun and in my mind that’s a mistake.

I know I have no power to stop all this sexy fun awareness. If it really does save lives then great although again I’m sceptical.
But I have every right to be offended or think something is not effective so please don’t silence me.

We are not self centered either. We are offended as sisters, as a family. We don’t want cancer to be trivialised we want better understanding for the future for other women.

Also out of curiosity am I not sexy and womanly if I looked like either of these pictures (one side is mastectomy and the other is a reconstructed breast (not me in the pic)


Or am I only sexy if i look like this? It seems that certain media publications think we should all look like below.


Check your breasts.  8 out of 10 lumps will turn out to be nothing. If it turns out to be cancer you could save your life. Believe me your breasts will come second..


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  1. Swoosieque

    You made a brilliant point about how pink has become something of a party and this deadly cancer is about sexy boobs and tatas – I hate those references. If I can figure out how to reblog your post on my blog for tomorrow morning, this will be there! Meanwhile, here’s something I wrote just a few days ago when I was letting off steam…

    http://cancerisnotpink.wordpress.com/2014/09/26/cancer-is-not-pink/ I have made so many blogging friends who have had breast cancer and we all feel the same.


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