“Be happy and talk.”

“Be happy and talk. ”

Such simple words but so meaningful.

This was a quote today from Lynda Bellingham the celebrity who is terminally ill with cancer. 
She is brave she is funny even in the most tragic of circumstances.

She encourages people to talk about cancer and all of its embarassing physical and emotional side effects.
However not everyone wants to talk about their illness and that’s their perogative.  But people should not feel shame or embarsssment in being open about it.

Of course this quote doesn’t just apply to talking about illnesses and dying it can apply to everything. People who talk more are said to be happier than their quiet friends.

The problem is that people don’t really talk about their feelings because it’s kind of taboo and there’s  the fear of being judged and rediculed. 

So many problems are caused every day because of this severe lack of communication. 
A misconstrued email, text message or people just keeping things bottled up.


Problems fester and bubble away like a volcano inside us until eventually the volcano erupts and boils over.
If we only talked to each other and trusted  more,  things would be so different. 

Talking is fairly easy for me but I still feel vulnerable confiding in others. Also for me it’s preferable to being a prisoner of my own troubling thoughts-having no one to share them with.

As for being happy it’s an aspiration. It frustrates me that I am not  happy on a regular basis. This last week I am anxious stressed and not sleeping.
But quite shameful that a terminally ill lady can find happiness and I’m struggling.

Thanks Lynda for the perspective.


One Comment

  1. Debbie M.

    Before being diagnosed with breast cancer, I would never have dreamed of using the words breast, self-exams, all in everyday conversation. After being diagnosed, I considered it a mission to get past the “polite talk” and encourage all women to do regular self-exams. I even had this conversation with my sons’ girlfriends. My sons were in high school at the time. Thanks for the reminder to “talk,” especially about the important stuff that matters to us!


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