“Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed. “

I don’t like writing about people who I think may read my blog so try to avoid it if possible. But I always think if you’re hiding things or not being honest it’s not a true account of your thoughts is it? So can’t always be helped but I try to be discreet wherever possible.

Some things are just not appropriate for my blog and everyone needs a private life to some degree.
I don’t talk about my children or my sex life. Ok ok if I had a sex life I would not talk about it. Haha 😆


Next week is my birthday and in one respect I am happy to be another year older.  But this annoying little voice in the back of my mind keeps reminding me that  it could be my last and it’s making me panic. I wonder if that’s a normal thought all things considered?

I’ve had to push myself to celebrate this year but I’m feeling anxious about it and I’m thinking perhaps I should have stayed at home and ignored it this year.  Why is it so overwhelming?

I felt more in the mood last year when the day after my chemo I dressed up and went to the O2. I was so determined to not let treatment hold me back and ruin my birthday,  yet a year on I don’t feel in that same frame of mind. Anyway here’s hoping I have many more birthdays to come.

Off tangent but its leading to something so bear with me. In  the last scene of the  film Four Weddings and a funeral, it’s pouring with rain and Charles and Carrie are just standing there both soaked to the skin, both vulnerable and nervous talking about how they feel about each other.
She says “Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed.”
Cheesy god yes but relatable none the less.

Sometimes you are so engrossed in a moment with someone that everything around you just becomes zoned out and nothing matters at all apart from that person and that moment. Who doesn’t like that feeling?

Yesterday I had a moment; not in the rain as I don’t think it was raining, although I wouldn’t have noticed if it had been..



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