Rainy days and Mondays..

I quite like the rain. I find it peaceful, calm romantic even.  I would hate to live somewhere where it never rained.

I like the British weather because it’s so unpredictable.  I also love that we have 4 seasons. 4 different picturesque scenes and 4 different weathers.

It’s funny that we are renowned as Brits for complaining about our weather and yet I think we are lucky. If it were hot and sunny all the time it would become tiresome.

Autumn is by far my favourite season because it’s beautiful.  Imagine living somewhere that didn’t have an Autumn? I couldn’t.

It’s an orange explosion of lovliness.

So today it’s raining and I’m feeling very tired. I listen to my body these days and just rest.

I’m in my big comfy bed in my most glamorous onesie.  😄 Check out the bed head!


I used to feel guilty for having lazy days but I realise it’s ok sometimes to just do nothing, watch netflix and recharge those batteries.
My body has been through a lot and is still to some extent recovering.


In other news- stop  bloody press, I had my haircut yesterday because it needed it.  I was so adverse to cutting it before i suppose because I had no hair for so long I wanted to rebel against that. (Psychological thing).

But I’m not the girl who had chemo and was sick anymore.  I’m just me, a young women who doesn’t have cancer with short pixie cut hair.

So long as certain people still find me attractive well I don’t mind too much.. 🙂


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