It doesn’t matter which route you take

I know I’ve touched on this before but think it’s really important to reiterate.

When you’re sick with a life threatening disease like cancer  it rocks your world.  But throughout the illness and long after diagnosis we all  cope differently.

There are people who cope exceptionally well and are determined to love their amazing new life and live it to the full.

There are people who know they are going to die but are upbeat and smiley and god I’m in awe of them and I wish I was that happy person every day. I am almost envious in a way.

But there are also people who fall apart, become withdrawn, depressed   some may have nervous breakdowns.   They haven’t coped so well. Maybe people think they aren’t as strong as the happy upbeat people but perhaps they’ve had a tough life and their illness pushed them to the brink of insanity. 


Perhaps they didn’t have the support the happy people have.  Perhaps they just feel everything a little deeper.

All I’m saying is the happy upbeat people are inspirational yes.  But we should focus on the journey the persons been on regardless of how they’ve dealt with it.

Whether the person is falling apart or inspiring thousands, they’ve been through so much regardless.
If someone takes  the quick route back to happiness or the scenic route we should be kind and support them on their journey.

(Pic Quote from the great gatsby)


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