Fatigue 1 Caroline 0

I’m exhausted of late.  I mean literally done in. It’s been creeping up on me slowly and I’ve just ignored it.

I’m finding the commute to work very tough and after a good nights sleep I’m so tired I can’t get out of bed and need more sleep.

This is one of those days.  I made plans today for lunch but have had to cancel because well I’m here.


It’s nearly a year since I had the last chemotherapy so I’d hoped I’d be fully recovered. No such luck.
I was feeling better though.  So its strange I’m feeling so bad again. I’m quite perplexed.  

I will need some blood tests which will hopefully show I’m anemic or something minor. 
All I know is my body is working harder than it should for me hence the no energy.  I hope I am not truly sick.

It’s been a worrying morning.  2 young ladies I know are dying from cancer. Another just died aged 30.

I can’t help think that emotional stress makes you exhausted too.

But now I need some shut eye..



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