Click click SNAP

I had a photoshoot today for a glossy magazine.  It was the most amazing experience. The article wasn’t about cancer but cancer lead to the article. 
I felt beautiful.  My friend looked beautiful.  We are  survivors.


This time last year. I was in a bad way. I has just finished 4 months of chemo and felt bloody awful. Chemo has an cumulative effect.  By no 6 you feel like death.
Emotionally I was all over the place, so today was quite the contrast.


I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be living my life again.

Sadly I don’t have time to go on dates. It’s such a shame as I feel like I’d really love some campanionship other than the dog.

I thought I had chemistry with someone and I’m a bit disappointed that we we were not able to get to know each other better.
He is calming and soothes me-  but the time I have with him is never long enough..

“You can’t force someone to like you but just be likeable.  And you can’t force someone to love you, just be loveable..”


I must make time to meet new people next year because quite frankly I need someone who will put the bins out (hate that) and keep me warm to save on huge heating bills. There are perks to having a man around.. 😆


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