Decisions shape your life

Isn’t it weird to think that your life today is a result of decisions you’ve had to make?

Ok so some things we have no control over. Good and bad things do happen to us not through choice but through luck and by the power of coincidence or for those who believe,  fate.

I didn’t decide to have breast cancer. It just happened.  That’s what makes cancer so scary.  No one chooses it. The whole decision making process is taken out of your hands. It’s enough to make a control freak bat-shit crazy.

But back to the topic in hand. Every decision has a consequence and shaped your life today.
My children, where I bought my house, the day I saw a job advert online and thought that’s right up my street and applied.
November 2001 when I felt scared to say a final goodbye to my mum after she’d died; I made the decision to be brave, kiss her cheek and say goodbye. 

I’m glad all those things happened. I effectively made the right decisions,  at least I don’t regret any of these things.

I made bad decisions too, yet I don’t regret those either. 
At the time they felt like the right choices and even the bad decisions I’ve made  lead me down this path I’m on, and they’ve  moulded me in to who I am today. 


What is life if you don’t make a few mistakes and bad decisions? We have to learn to laugh at ourselves and accept that we are all just surviving trying to make a life for ourselves.

So  you see I simply don’t regret anything because I’m happy with the direction my life is going in and I don’t want a perfect life I want a memorable one..


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