Moaning Mary

I just don’t want to hear any more bad news from breast cancer camp.  I can’t take it. I’m sticking my fingers in my ears from now on.

I keep having dizzy spells and I’ve managed to convincemyself I’ve got cancer again.


*scream face

I hate the fact that people treat me differently from everyone else.  I don’t want preferential treatment I just want to be treated the same.  They never have from the beginning. I’ve given up wondering why..

I have major PMT but haven’t had a period since September.  Tamoxifen fucking with my cycle and hormones. Oh and keeping me fat of course. Fat with crap boobs.  Ages until my surgery.  Sigh

I wish I saw my friends more. I’m so bored of doing nothing at weekends. Can’t keep getting pissed, the cancer shamers would have a field day.

Think I’ll just go and eat worms..



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