Today and everyday, I still miss you.

Tomorrow is a sad day its the anniversary of my mum’s death. 13 years have gone by so fast.

If she was  alive today she’d say ‘Caroline tidy your house, why can’t you settle down with a nice guy? ‘Why don’t you have savings you really should have savings!’
She’d love my daughters as much as I do. I wish she’d met them.
She’d hopefully be super proud of me too


Not everything is rosy.  I thought things were turning a corner but I was possibly fobbed off in my naive trusting state. Haha 😯

Why do people act so coldly  almost like I repulse them? Why is everyone else interesting and funny except me?  Whatever the reasons I’d eventually understand, anything would be better than this. I guess distance is the only answer because it’s positively hopeless.

I have a busy weekend planned which is unusual of late but then again I’m super lazy with making plans I do love a quiet lazy weekend.
For someone who hates Christmas I Sure am going to a lot of parties!


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