Speak the truth even if your voice shakes.

A blog is very in the moment -a snapshot of thoughts.
Our moods and opinions change like the wind but when I write I don’t censor my mood or what I say. What would be the point?

That’s why I rarely read back previous posts because I would probably cringe and feel differently.
I say things i don’t mean all the time but it’s cathartic.  I feel free of the days rubbish. I write, I offload on to the dumper truck.
I feel better. Cleansed.  Sometimes it’s instant.  My mood is improved and I feel good.

I can’t stress to anyone the importance of writing your thoughts down somewhere.  It doesn’t have to be a public blog it could be a private journal. But  speak the truth, at least what is true in the moment.


Anyway I gave up on today at 9pm where I took myself off to bed to mostly sulk and reflect on this weird day..


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