Rabbit poo etc…

So I went out for dinner last night with the girls and it was lovely except everything smelt of refried beans.  Refried beans are possibly the most unappetising food you ever laid eyes on. They basically look like a rabbit has shit all over your plate. I don’t like the taste either but apart from the beans I stuffed my face and totally broke my diet. D’oh!

Refried beans or rabbit poo?

We spoke about the usual; work cancer men sex lives, boobs over copious amounts of pinot grigio. I’m going out again tonight and tomorrow which is stressing me out a bit because I need quiet time alone to recharge  but it’s a social time of year and I guess I should try and be social.

People have started annoying me  laughing at me or pulling derrr faces when I get confused about stuff.  Sometimes I find it funny and laugh at myself but other times I don’t appreciate it. I think everyone has heard of chemo brain by now because I’ve banged on about it so no excuses  or next time I will give people scowl face which I’ve perfected over 3 decades.



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