I am a Greek buxom goddess..

2014 is nearly over and I can’t believe how much I’ve crammed in. It’s had its problems and  ideally I’d want to take away all the nights and days I spent crying and worried about cancer coming back.
I’d bring back all the ladies who died.  I’ve never been an idealist though  I’m  firmly a realist and real life unfortunately has its ups and downs.


It’s funny how people think cancer changes you. It probably did for a while but as diagnosis becomes more and more of a distant memory I find myself more like my old self again. 

People say since cancer they no longer sweat the small stuff. I still get annoyed at petty things.  I still don’t like the gym and I didn’t turn vegan; give me a burger and a glass of wine any day.

But the one thing that really did change- I started living; and I mean really living. It’s only now I look back I realised just how much I’ve acheived this year.  I’ve even kept up this blog for 7 months because I actually enjoy writing. It’s not that I think my life is interesting or special it’s just that I feel I have a lot to say (or rather write) and maybe it helps others which can’t be a bad thing.

Ok so I still have crap boobs but it’s only for a few more months.  But with my long hair covering my boobs I’m sort of sexy, like a greek buxom goddess which is kinda hot. So yes I’ve got oodles more confidence these days, my Greek god can’t be far away..


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