Cancer piss off and go fuck yourself..

Well readers I’m a tad confused with what’s going on with me. I used to talk about cancer a thousand times a day, my cancer your cancer,  cancer treatment,cancer cures I got in to cancer arguments cancer spats, cancer debates.
I hated pink I hated tits out for cancer I blogged about cancer constantly- cancer was my bloody life.

19 months on since I became obsessed with cancer  I no longer want to talk about it much. Did I become bored of it? Have I lost my passion, no because I still care about others who have to go through this shit. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy even though my life is pretty amazing most of the time because of cancer. Haha funny that..

But now  alas, I find myself rather bored, like a naughty child looking to cause trouble.  It was my specialist subject after all.  I have a masters degree in cancer.


So What the hell do I do with myself now?

Is this normal to feel bored and a tad dissapointed about feeling indifferent about the big C? I’m sure I should be happy about all this but why am I not?


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