4am thoughts.

It’s 4am  I’ve been awake for two hours, reading, thinking.. There’s something about the thoughts that come to you in the middle of the night, you think more deeply about things, those thoughts that just get pushed to the back of your mind during the day.

I suffer from insomnia when I’m stressed and worried or when I’ve drank too much or eaten too much. I suspect in this instance  the latter.

So I’m still reeling from the new research out yesterday which states that many cancer patients go to treatment alone. A lot of time people feel like a nuisance and don’t want to ask for help from their friends and families.

I think men in particular tend to be very proud and can be stubborn when asking for support but they need help, love and support too, perhaps more so.

Sometimes you need someone to hold your hand because a chemo ward  can be a scary place. And sometimes we need to leave our pride at the door and say

‘I’m scared I need you.’

I know that’s not always possible.



  1. weight2lose2013

    That’s so sad. My sister was going through chemo and there was always someone there to support her, hold her hand while she was going through treatment. She would often say not to bother, that everyone was busy, but we never let her go alone.


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