I like being alone, but I don’t fancy being lonely…


I have a really low attention span. 

Unless someone is very interesting or engaging, I sometimes switch off. I don’t mean to, it’s just that I have hundred thoughts going through my head at any given time, and I like to escape to my world of daydream.

I do get bored very easily, and well frankly some people are just boring and don’t interest me. We all gravitate to certain people and I don’t doubt that I bore people too with my constant ramblings about cancer.

My mum used to say that empty vessels make the most noise, in other words people who are a bit stupid talk a lot mostly about shit.

Sometimes it’s nice to just be quiet and keep things to yourself, rather than just utter whatever comes in to my head, (it’s a nervous thing).

Quiet people intrigue me. I know they are deep thinkers, and they feel deeply about things they just don’t have to tell the world. They are self satisfied and don’t seek others approval. I still really want others approval but again I am learning that it’s my own opinion of how I view myself that matters the most.

I am a real mix of eccentric and extroverted and quiet and withdrawn. I think people think I’m just extremely moody but that’s not generally the case. I like quiet, I don’t need to be around people chatting about rubbish, or gossiping.  I like just being with me sometimes.


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