Write like no one is reading

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how weird blogging is. My blog is public, although I do have some private posts but that’s quite rare and generally not necessary.


If I thought about it too much or witnessed everyone in a room reading my posts I would probably panic and never blog again, but I don’t really see who reads it and most won’t tell you they read your blog either so I suppose if no one talks about it it remains a secret which I kinda like.

This is my rather public secret life if you like. A place I come to offload.   I ask myself like everybody else who writes, why do people read my blog? I don’t doubt the number one reason is people are curious and like knowing things about others. And then I suppose (hopefully) people are interested in what I write. I always strive to challenge the reader to think about themselves  and also life’s perspectives. I write predominantly  for myself but also to provoke thought in others and for people to resonate with my blog topics.

I know I have regular people who read my blog which is great. I do have to be careful what I say and who I talk about because of this which I sometimes find frustrating. There has to be that balance between being true and honest and not making a reader paranoid!

For now though I will keep blogging, But I’m not really writing and you’re not really reading right? 😉



  1. weight2lose2013

    hahahah! We’re all reading and writing. I think what happens is that a blog starts off with a theme or a message and people are initially attracted to that. But the readership spreads out in a web-like way. Before you know it, people from all different genres are following one another. People get to know you for who you are and not necessarily for what you write.


      1. weight2lose2013

        I didn’t follow many blogs when I started nearly two years ago. That’s not what I wanted out of blogging. Blogging was catharsis for me. But things changed over those two years and I find myself interested in other things and other blogs. But to your point, it’s fine to write only. 🙂


      2. weight2lose2013

        You’ve visited? 🙂 I’ve been fortunate enough to have a wonderful group of people come together there. Some I have actually had gone beyond the blog and will be trying some international/internet recordings. It’s a lot different when I was only writing about recipes and what I had for dinner the night before. It’s been a lot of fun!


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