Why Sunday is my favourite day

When I was a child Sunday was my least favourite day. Most weeks my parents made me travel to Crawley Down village to see my nan. I used to hate going because the car journey was so boring and I had such bad travel sickness.

My nan and my mum would make a cracking spread for tea though. We always had red salmon in a bowl, salad, crisps and buttered bread without fail.

I didn’t have anyone to play with as there were no other kids around but I would amuse myself creating make believe characters and having exciting adventures all over the village that even Enid Blyton would be proud of. Being an only child I was always hanging with imaginary friends and talking to myself.

But still regardless of the fancy food spread and the village adventures Sundays were dull.

Now I’m an adult with a family of my own, I really love Sundays. The rest of the week is just so busy and fast – paced but Sundays are relaxing and reflective I find.

Most weeks I am childless so I tend to wake up late and just be lazy. I always try and meet someone for lunch as Sunday lunch always gives me a real warm comforting feeling it’s just so hearty and traditional.


I always take my dog a bit further than usual on our walk just to clear the cobwebs. It’s getting chilly now but  if wrapped up warm it’s actually really refreshing and gives you a nice colour to your cheeks.

I read the paper and generally watch a lot of TV on Sunday nights catching up on the stuff I’ve missed during the week. If there was one day I missed having a man around it would be Sunday. But there’s plenty more Sundays for that.  ☺


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